‘I met Jane and Jan this week and they couldn’t have been more helpful. They asked brilliant questions which really helped me to crystallise a number of ideas.’

Investment Management Firm Director
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Introduction to Organisation Design – open course

Organisation Design Masterclass – open course

Customised training

Content-rich coaching

With the pressure of day-to-day business life, it is often a luxury to take time out to attend a training course. You still need to develop your skills somehow, but need to maximise the time spent learning whilst also getting the job done.

If this describes your situation, you may find our own brand of one-to-one content rich coaching fits the bill perfectly. These sessions are a little different to standard coaching. We work with you on an organisation design or development challenge, offering expertise and proposing ideas, enabling you to manage the scenario successfully.

The sessions can be delivered real-time – at the moment you need support with a live issue, which may be anything from how to gain support from a stakeholder, which tools or techniques to use, how to develop a plan or simply what to do next.

We offer you specific tools and techniques that can be applied for greatest impact, and show you how to tailor them for your business.

Finally if time is short, we can help you to build the content of these tools, so you are best equipped to use them with your business leaders in the most effective way.

This coaching can de delivered in person or via phone calls, skype or facetime, and we can support you for as long as you need. Typically sessions will be 1-2 hours in length.

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