‘Feedback from the team has been overwhelmingly positive. They felt that you understood them, their roles and experiences. They have also been really complimentary about your style and overall insight.’

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Introduction to Organisation Design – open course

Organisation Design Masterclass – open course

Content-rich coaching

Customised training

Often we are asked by clients to design a specific training intervention for their team – one that develops particular OD skills that are relevant and important to them at their stage of evolution. They don’t want an off-the-shelf programme, but something that puts together a unique combination of insight and practical exercise that will make a difference in their business.

Examples of bespoke learning we can offer are:
  • Organisation design within your business context and as part of your overall change agenda
  • HR Business Partnering skills – leveraging the consulting cycle to establish the right influential relationships with internal customers
  • Managing change - covering a range of techniques and activities that support effective change management
  • Establishing a performance-enhancing culture – one that makes real adjustments to behaviour, has buy-in from the business, and is recognised as critical to success
  • Organisation development – designing and implementing effective organisation interventions such as addressing critical capability gaps, designing culture change, or aligning people behind strategy

The benefit of a tailored intervention is that it addresses your current issues by using tangible, real-life examples to illustrate points and bring the learning to life.

They also give you a chance to reflect on the lessons other organisations have learned in similar situations, by drawing from both our armoury of assignments and stories as well as those of the team themselves.

From your team’s perspective, a group learning session gives them a common experience, and a consistent approach and toolkit for them to use. Internal networks are strengthened, challenges shared and new-found confidence is reinforced as the team support each other as they practice their techniques in their day-to-day roles.

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