‘Great! Confidence boosting. I like the rigour, clarity of tools and the simple process to follow. I can see it’s not rocket science.’

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Organisation Design Masterclass – open course

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Introduction to Organisation Design – open course

A one day learning intervention for those with little organisation design experience. This interactive course covers a detailed explanation of our organisation design framework and toolkit and offers delegates the opportunity to use the tools and practise relevant techniques.

Who is it for?
An introductory session for those whose role demands an understanding of how to design organisations. Typically delegates will be HR Business Partners, OD Practitioners, Change Managers and those who get involved in supporting structural changes in an organisation.
What does it cover?
During the Introduction Course you will:
  • Develop an understanding of the elements of organisation design and how they build into a comprehensive solution
  • Walk through the phases of an OD intervention, and try out some of the tools required to manage each successfully
  • Discuss and problem-solve some typical scenarios often faced when supporting OD interventions
  • Share your current work challenges, gaining input from the group on how best to apply your new-found knowledge, tools and techniques to best effect in your real life situations.
What will I gain?
By the end of the course you will:
  • Understand what good organisation design looks like and why it’s important
  • Have the knowledge, skills and confidence required to deliver organisation design interventions effectively in your businesses
  • Be equipped with a commercial and pragmatic organisation design framework and toolkit
  • Have picked up tips and good practice from others
  • Have a network of OD practitioners to support your ongoing learning
£895 + VAT for clients, £995 + VAT for non-clients
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