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‘Every now and again our leadership team has small OD problems that will not resolve themselves. I am always impressed by how quickly Jane and Jan get to the nub of the issue and how sensitively they work with the team to develop a clear action plan.’

VP Human Resources, Gilead Ed Hoskin

Sometimes it’s the small problems that can prevent you achieving your full potential. A small stone in your shoe. An issue that needs to be addressed to enable the team to fire on all cylinders.

Not all of our work is about large projects. Often we are asked to design and facilitate team interventions. Typically these will be events with a purpose, solving a particular organisation design or development issue. This could be a lack of clarity about how teams or individuals work together, a challenging team dynamic, or a lack of alignment behind strategy and priorities.

Through quickly establishing a series of strong internal networks and relationships, we diagnose the issues, clarifying the perspectives of all parties. We create bespoke materials for the event, presenting the range of views and opinions objectively.

As experienced facilitators, we will guide the team to unblock the problem logically, ensuring that all points of view are heard and understood. Finally, we make sure that each event concludes with a clear, meaningful action plan; one that is created by, and has the buy-in, of the team.

We work with large and small groups and are qualified to use MBTI and OPQ tools which can be advantageous to work through style and preference differences.

Take a look at what we have done B4 – facilitating a leadership team event for a pharmaceutical company

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