Organisation Development

Deciding which levers of change need attention and designing interventions that drive the appropriate culture and behaviours


Organisation Design

Team Interventions

‘The B4 Partnership took the time to really understand the organisation and therefore were able to offer specific and relevant advice and help. Integrating a new set of behaviours into all our systems would not have been as successful if it wasn't for Jan and Jane.’

Head of Sustainability and Stewardship, The Crown Estate Claudine Blamey

Whatever your business, your strategy, your vision, it’s your people who have to deliver. They are the ones who deal with your customers and colleagues and determine the quality of your products or services.

How can you ensure that everyone in your organisation is facing in same direction, aligned behind your business strategy? We can provide insight to help you determine which levers of change need attention and design interventions that drive the appropriate culture, values and behaviours.

In our experience the most effective way to make culture and behaviour change stick in organisations is to involve people from within the business in their design. We advance the creative process by offering strawmen proposals for the team to develop, encouraging buy-in and ownership of the solution.

When designing organisation development interventions our clients value our ability to synthesise multiple opinions and get to the nub of the issue, creating real insight.

We work as one with our clients, mirroring the style and approach of each organisation and expressing our ideas and thoughts in the organisation’s language.

But what really makes a difference is the powerful combination of us working alongside your people, giving everyone a voice and creating solutions that matter to them.

Take a look at what we have done B4 – creating an employee value proposition for a global law firm

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