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‘I have relied on B4 to run many team interventions for me over the years. They know our business well, and I trust them to work with teams to deliver clear, commercial solutions that enable the team to progress.’

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Facilitating a leadership team event to develop new governance and operating practices

Our client is an international pharmaceutical company.

The challenge

Following a revision to the regional operating model, adjustments needed to be made to the working practices of the leadership team and their governance arrangements. Based on our long-standing relationship with this treasured client, we were asked to work with the leadership team to develop a coherent plan of action that all could buy into.

Our approach

The team were very diverse - distributed throughout Europe and with a wide variety of styles and perspectives. We engaged with them individually to learn what would make the team more effective. Armed with this insight, we designed an event that dealt with the ‘elephants in the room’ in a sensitive way. Highlighting differences as well as common ground, we enabled all to understand each other’s viewpoints and ideas with one goal in mind – how to improve performance individually, collectively and for the business.

The workshop explored the team’s purpose, governance, behaviours and operating practices.

The outcome

We saw real shifts within the team, as we unearthed concerns they had each held but not had the forum to discuss. Time together meant mutual understanding was developed and stronger relationships forged. And for those that love a plan, we had a comprehensive set of actions with assigned owners to take their thinking back to the workplace.

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