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‘This project stands out for the way Jan and Jane helped us to engage our people to build a solution for the firm. It was a departure from the more traditional top-down approach of the past. They took the time to listen and understand the firm to ensure that the team delivered a lasting solution. Four years on this work forms a key part of our global HR strategy.’

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Creating an employee value proposition

Our client is a renowned international law firm.

The challenge

In a highly competitive market, the firm needed to win in the war for talent. A clear employee value proposition (EVP) was called for that recognised the changing nature of work and opportunities it gave to their people. It had to be appealing, honest, and deliverable.

Our approach

We engaged directly with over 100 people across the firm, asking what would be an attractive and realistic proposition that would truly differentiate the firm from its competitors.

To ‘mine the gold’ within this rich source of data, we formed a design team of lawyers and business professionals. In brainstorming workshops we built up the key elements to form the heart of the proposition – the ones that people felt passionately about. After many iterations, the EVP took shape, using meaningful messages that could be conveyed on one page.

But this was more than a marketing ploy - beneath it was real commitment to make it live in the business.. With the design team and partners, we agreed action plans that would deliver on the promises and enhance the employee experience in practice.

The outcome

The simple act of empowering the team to build the solution brought total ownership and commitment to make it a success. The proposition was embedded in all their people engagement communications and activities and was used to market the firm externally to prospective recruits.

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